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Integrated assessment and Advanced Characterisation of Neuro-Nanotoxicity

The incidental, accidental, or intentional release of manufactured nanomaterials into the environment and its exposure to humans is inevitable due to the exponential growth in invention, production, and use of them. It can have a huge impact in our health specially in the most sensible and exposed human body organs such us lungs, stomach, and brain. iCare aim to to develop a resilient and adaptive set of advanced imaging technologies to quantify physical-chemistry properties for ANMC in complex matrices. The main objective will focus on a integrated model system to characterize and predict the impact of nanomaterials on brain health to prevent the toxicity nanomaterials. The project makes accessible for industry a set of techniques and methodologies to evaluate changes in morphology, chemical composition and reactivity of nanomaterials when exposed to complex homogenous matrices mimicking environmental and biological exposure, with a particular emphasis on high-resolution imaging methodologies. To achieve this goal the project the project brings together in the consortium 11 partners from different backgrounds such as RTOs, SMEs, industries and universities from different EU and non-eu countries and coming from different fields like nanotech, toxicology, advanced materials, advanced imaging, … During the 48 months long of the project, the consortium will work on the development of different activities to achieve the following results: 1)new imaging methods achieving new high resolution methodologies and new super resolution imaging techniques 2)development of toxicology testing protocols and addressing current gaps in nanotoxicology, 3)development of tools and methods bringing the gap in vitro and in vivo testing, 4)efficiency of materials and product development 5)Delivery of reliable data and improved data reporting and finally development of harmonised standardised test methods that can be used in regulatory frameworks.

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Gianni Ciofani
Gianni Ciofani
Smart Bio-Interfaces
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