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Innovative tools to treat and model complex cancer environments

TheraTools has arisen as a multidisciplinary research and training network that encompasses a full academical and technological view of the development of scientific tools for the comprehensive research of malignant tumors localized beyond a biological barrier, as in brain tumors. This challenging objective needs of the concerted effort of both academic and industrial organizations. As such, TheraTools is formed by a consortium composed by (a) four academic beneficiaries(POLYMAT-University of the Basque Country, Spain; University of Aveiro, Portugal; Italian Institute of Technology, linked to Sant´Anna School of Advanced Studies, Italy, and Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel); and (b) 6 industrial partners: Polimerbio (Spain), BEONCHIP (Spain), Metatissue (Portugal), Vetex (Cyprus), I +Med (Spain), and Nanoscribe (Germany). All the partners will be involved in both research and training activities framed within this network. TheraTools consortium and working plan has been configured to stablish a supportive network within a EJD in the topic of the development of “Innovative tools to treat and model complex cancer environments”. This network considers the engagement of 9 early-stage researchers that will have the opportunity to be awarded with double doctorate degrees in two different countries. TheraTools network will offer to the ESRs high quality training opportunities across several disciplines to conceive a full view of the development of therapeutics, from the synthesis of the drugs to their validation in in-vitro models. In its endeavor to translate the experience of the participants into products for health benefit, TheraTools will transfer the knowledge and competences to young researchers, providing them with enhanced career perspectives in both the academic and non-academic sectors through international, interdisciplinary, and intersectorial mobility combined with an innovation-oriented mindset and an excellence level of training.

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Gianni Ciofani
Gianni Ciofani
Smart Bio-Interfaces
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